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Electronic Data Processing / Information Technology

For microprocessor-controlled applications we offer Consulting and Planning with Hardware and Software Module selection as well as Hardware configuration and Software development.

To ensure an optimized technical and economic solution, it is very important to have a thorough planning and an early communication between all project participants. Thus, if possible, our team cooperates with the User already at the time of concluding the final requirements.

Due to the ISAP® 'modular design' and 'four screws - five minutes principles we ensure you a very maintenance-friendly plant with high availability and low running costs.

Our photo-illustrated documentations with precise workflows allow also employees with very basic technical skills to check the system and allow you to focus on your real work.

With an ISAP® Remote Control Module you can verify and change the status of your system at any time from any site via Internet or cell or smartphone with state-of-the-art IT security.

Consulting and Planning

To ensure an optimized technical and economic solution, we elaborate the planning in cooperation with the User to get quick feasible requirements in consideration of all environment conditions.

The Preliminary Planning will be finished with the Requirement Specification (RS - the 'what and why') that contains the targets, dates, staff and cost-frame.

The following Functional Specification (FS - the 'how and with what') contains the system design solution with the selected hardware components, the software specifications and the precise total cost calculation.

The main parameters are:
    • a local or a decentralized application
    • the number of signals
    • the required cycle times
    • the mathematical and control engineering requirements
    • the required data recordings
    • the linking of measure and final control elements and their interfaces

In the Design and Final planning we present the system configuration. Beside the selection of the single hardware components and the software modules, the relevant technical regulations are fixed and the total costs are calculated. On given special requirements with the Control Technology, we verify the feasibility in advance by a software-simulation.

Hardware configuration and Software development

We develop customer oriented software for standard microprocessor systems, such as PC, embedded pc/104, stored-program controller, digital action controller for 16-/32-bit/64-bit (realtime) applications in the areas of
    • device controlling, process communication and visual controlling
    • Measurement and Control Technology

These works include
    • coding the hardware driver
    • configure the interfaces
    • configure the measure and controller algorithms
    • coding the application software
    • testing and start-up procedure

Customer oriented Hardware configurations and Software


Device Controller

We develop device controller solutions with standard microprocessor systems (embedded pc/104)

Fig.: Microprocessor (Embedded pc/104) and motion controller

Fig.: Source Code of a Device Controller Software
(Please click on the figure for full size view)

Programmable Logic Controller Software

We develop solutions with Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) from different manufacturers
(Klöckner-Moeller, Mitsubishi, Siemens etc.)

Fig.: stored-program controller

Fig.: Source Code of a Stored-program Controller Software
(Please click on the figure for full size view)

Digital Controller

We develop solutions with digital controllers from different manufacturers
(Hartmann & Braun, Philips, Siemens etc.)

Fig.: Digital Controller

Fig.: Source Code of a Controller Software
(Please click on the figure for full size view)

Process Communication Surfaces

Our process communication surfaces show all parameters for the attended operation and the controlling of the plant at a glance.

Fig.: Main rack with process computer

Fig.: Process Communication Surfaces of an Environmental Simulation Plant
(Please click on the figure for full size view)

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Measurement and Control Technology

Project Management / Development of application-oriented Plants and Devices

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