Sustainable technical solutions for human and nature by current state-of-the-art technology,
operation cost-cutting, maintenance- and eco-friendly by highly recyclable modular design.

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European Research and Development Cooperations

In the area of environmental and marine research we offer the cooperation in national and international research and development programs as a technical partner or supplier.

Based on our activities in projects of EUREKA-EUROMAR the German "Kontaktstelle für Meeresforschungstechnik" named us to DG XII at the European Commission in Bruxelles as a cooperation partner for common EU-projects.
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EUREKA Environmental Projects

  Look out, a rogue wave from starboard ...

... hold on for dear life!  
Fig.: Gerhard Schulze during an offshore device testing on a
BSH research vessel at Skagerrak at 9 Beaufort

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